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Marathon Project


This would have to be the longest amount of time that I've ever worked on a project. And what project would that be exactly? Check out what I just finished.

Cooling Rack


My daughter, Tracey, had a request for a new project that would be used in her kitchen. Check out what she came up with.

Work Stops


I made some work stops for my milling machine awhile back and thought I'd share what they're for and what they look like.

Yet Another Car Parts Project


The first car parts project was for my daughter but after it was finished, I had a request to make another one. However, this one will be slightly different so let's see what I'm working on this time.

Another Present For my Granddaughter's Birthday


I made a second present for my granddaughter that I finished just in time. Check out what I was working on for her at last minute.

It's My Granddaughter's Birthday


My granddaughter, Audrey, is having her first birthday and I decided to make here something. This gift should help her well into the future and be fun along the way.

Car Parts Project


I was looking at some old car parts the other day and decided to make something out of them. Let's put it this way, I can see better now.

Deer Hunting 2017


Deer hunting is something that I've done since the mid 1970's but I've never done a European mount. That changed this year because that's what I'm working on now. Beware, graphic animal pictures beyond this point.

More Christmas Presents 2017


I had a request by my oldest daughter to make her something that I hadn't considered before. It's been on my mind for awhile but now seemed like the right time to make it.

Christmas Presents 2017


I've been making some Christmas presents for my kids and I used a piece of material that's been laying around for years. If you'd like to see what I made you can see it here.

Birthday Presents


It's birthday time for the kids so I've been keeping busy in the garage making some presents. Drop in and see what I've been working on.

Antler Plaques


I made some plaques to hold some of my deer antlers. See how easy this project was to make and how they came out.

Foam Cutter


I bought a gun case that needs to be custom fit to my firearm, but I needed a way to cut the foam so it looked nice. See what I came up with to make cutting closed cell foam nice and easy.

Decanter Trays


I've been busy in the garage making some Christmas presents and this time I made two wooden trays that will hold a decanter set for two members of the family.

Cheese Slicers


I also made some cheese slicers that I gave as Christmas presents that you can check out right here.

Wine Bottle Rack


I made two birthday presents, one for my daughter and one for my father-in-law. However, I ended up making four items before I was through. See what I've been working on for the past few weeks.

Weights and Measures


My grandson, Aidan, came over to show me his new project that he made. Before he left that evening I had a new project to work on too.

Hat Rack


I saw a need for another project so I used some uncommon materials for it. Well uncommon for me that is!

License Plate Plaque


The day I sold my 33 Ford Coupe I wanted to keep one item before it left my house, the license plate. I wanted to display on my wall but needed to make a nice plaque for it first.

Kitchen Tools


When you use a common kitchen utensil over and over again, sometimes one just isn't enough. I had a request to make another one so we wouldn't have to wait on it being cleaned all the time.

Barrel Rack


I used some scrap wood to make another project, a barrel rack. So what exactly is a barrel rack? Read on to find out.

Jewelry Box


I made a jewelry box that didn't come out like I planned and it almost ended up in the scrap pile. You can check out what I'm talking about right here.

One Hell of a Big Bang


This is an awesome story told by the pilot of a B-29 that flew in World War II. You might recognize the name of the aircraft, "The Enola Gay".

A piece of history from 100 years ago


I had another email that I felt needed to be shared before I deleted it. What a great story and a rare find.

Folding Pocket Knife


After working on some knives for the family, I decided to buy a folding knife kit for myself. See what it takes to make one and maybe you'll want to try your hand at one too.

Cars and Stars


There are many times I receive an email that has good or cool content in it that I hate to delete before sharing. And this would be one of them, which includes movie stars and the cars they drove.

Wall Plaque & Present


I started working on a project for myself and it turned into a birthday present for a good friend as well. See how the project and the gift that I made turned out.

Wine Bottle Lamp


I made a lamp out of a wine bottle which made for a nice Christmas present. See how easy this was to do and then make one for yourself. 

Christmas Presents


I made a few presents for the kids this year and I tried something new...again. Check out what I made them and see if you can figure out how it works.

Birthday Presents


Two of our girls are big football fans so I made them something sports related for their Birthday's this year. Check out what I came up with that should make watching football games a little more fun now.

Mounting a Rifle Scope


I bought a new scope for my firearm but there are some things I needed before I started. They sell some nice tools for making sure it's mounted correctly but I decided to make my own. Check out what I came up with and see just how easy it was to make.

Shop Class


I attended shop class in 8th grade and in High School. I learned a lot back then and even made a few things. Here is where you can see some of the projects that I worked on.

Random Car Pictures: Part 2


Part two of the random car pictures ended up being just as large as part one. If you liked the other be sure to check out the second one too.

Random Car Pictures: Part 1


I've put together some random car pictures that I've taken over the years. Buckle up because there's more than I thought there would be.

Presidential Limo


Another email, another history lesson. This time it's about why the President rides around in a vehicle that is so protected and the bazaar way that it came to be.

 USS Gerald R. Ford


This new class of aircraft carrier is like no other in the U.S. military arsenal. To see this new ship being built and to learn more about it, point and click right here.

 Concept Cars


I received another email about some concept cars from the 50's that were to cool to delete without sharing them first. If you're into automotive stuff at all, you'll won't want to miss this.

 Gun Vise


I was working on a firearm of mine when I realized my old gun vise could be a little better, so I decided to make a new one. See what I came up with that should make working on a gun much easier.

 Christmas Presents


I made a few Christmas presents this year and tried something I've never done this time around. Check out the gifts that I worked on right here.

 USS Midway Museum


Museums are a great place to explore and learn things, but when it comes to the U.S. Military those experiences go to another level of greatness and awareness. To see more about it, take a tour aboard the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier.

 100 Year Old Pictures


If you like a little history then you'll probably enjoy these pictures of early America that were sent to me.

 A History Lesson & Some Fabrication


I have a couple of email messages that I wanted to share before I deleted them. Be sure to check them out because they're both pretty good. 

 Valve Train Problems


I was changing my oil on my hot rod when I discovered something that didn't look right. See what kind of headache I ended up with that should have been routine maintenance.

 Car History


I have a collection of questions and answers about some older and newer automobiles from around the world. You can see how good your car I.Q. is here.

 Big Piece of Wood


Take a look at my new wood project that my wife wouldn't let me give away.

 Ca. Science Center & Natural History Museum


If you like the Space Shuttle, NASA's space program, animals, gemstones and a dinosaur or two then point-and-click your mouse right here.

Very Rare Cars


Here is a collection of old cars that you probably haven't seen before which were taken at some elegant shows from around the world.

Vintage Cars and Trucks


If you like vintage automobiles then you're gonna to want to take a look at some of these pictures and stories that make them so special.

Garage Tunes


My radio/CD player in the garage hasn't been working right and it needed to be replaced. What do you do when you can't find just the right one, you build one!

Something New and Old


If you have the time I've got a few pages of some old historic pictures along with some new random stuff too. Take a seat and relax because it may take awhile.

WWII Survival Story


I received another great story about World War 2 that you have to see and read to believe.

Historic Pictures


If your into old pictures of history then you might be interested in some of these random ones that I received recently.

Union Pacific No. 844


A real working steam locomotive rumbled through my home town and I decided to give it a closer look.

Vintage Aircraft and a WWII War Hero Mancel King


I recently took a trip to an aircraft museum which was super cool, and then it turned into something very special that wasn't planned. Be prepared it's a big show.

Saving for the Future


I made something for my grandson this Christmas that should come in handy for the next few years.

Farmer Boys


Check out what happened to me while I was at the Farmer Boys restaurant a few months ago.

Another Present


What happens when you buy something that doesn't work out like you wanted? You end up making it yourself. Check out what I made Angela for Christmas.

NHRA Museum


If your into drag racing or should I say cars in general, then this place is for you because you'll find all the history that you've ever wanted right here.



Look what we were blessed with a few months ago.

It's Time to Eat


What does Washington and California Cuisine have in common? Normally not to much, but to see what I'm talking about, you'll need to feast your eyes over here.

Look What's Cooking


Check out what culinary school has been teaching Tracey for the past two years.

Living up North


My oldest daughter moved up north to attend culinary school and has been enjoying it very much. There is one thing that she could do without though. And what would that be you ask? You can find out right here.

Garage Makeover


I've been busy in the garage making things look a little better and now I can find things easier too. Take a look at what I've been up too. 

Presents for the Kids


I made some Christmas presents for the kids this year out of something that I don't work with very often. 

New Car Quiz


How much do you know about cars? Take the quiz and find out.

Gary Lambert's Memorial


My very good friend Gary passed away but will never be forgotten. 

37 Ford Sedan


My good friends Gary and Debbie's 37 Ford Fastback is one of the nicest cars in town. Be sure to check it out right here

It's Prom and Graduation time


My little girl went to her High School prom and graduated too. Drop in and check it out

I Can't Believe it...


All I was doing was cleaning my mouse when....

I've Got a New Project


It's been awhile since I've worked on a car so I thought I would break out the wrenches again. This time it's a little different than my last one. Cruise on in and see what I have to play with in the garage.

While at work today


I had a job for my digital camera at work today. Click on in and see how I did. 

2003 Winternationals


 What better way to show my daughter Angela some fuel cars for the first time? Take her to the Winternationals of course. Lots of cars and other cool stuff to see so come on in and check it out. 

Take Care Sweetie!


 My oldest daughter just moved out. Let's see where she made her new home at and how she got there.

My Old Car


I sold my 71 Camaro to a good friend of mine about three years ago and after it was gone, I noticed that I didn't have any pictures of it anywhere. Well the guy I sold it to was kind enough to give me a few pic's of it so I added them to the Cruisers section. I sure do miss it.   

Just Some Random Pictures


I put together some random pictures of different things. It's not much to look at but it's better than nothing so be sure to check it out

Have you been Hacked??


I was minding my own business when someone just had to mess with me. Find out more about it and the new hardware I bought.  

Plexiglas Case


I just finished building a new computer case and it's made out of Plexiglas. See how it turned out here
New pix of it with the lights on.

LAN party


I had a LAN party this past weekend with eight people play'n Quake 3. Be sure to check out some pix of the action.

The Grand Canyon was Awesome


My wife and I took a trip to the Grand Canyon this past weekend. Be sure to check out some of the pictures I took of the hotel, train and the canyon. 

Saturday Night was Prom Night for the Kids


Well the kids had a good time at there Junior/Senior Prom. Check out how they looked and what they wore...you don't want to miss this one. Get all the info here.  

Want to arrest Someone?


This is the place to get even or pull a fast one on a friend or enemy. The site will give you a choice of the kind of offender he/she can be as you fill in the blanks and they get a web page built just for them. What better way to say "I gotcha" than to have a printable page with there name splattered all over it. You can even email it to them and have the page already built just for them. Click here to pick on a friend/enemy. 

Angela's Truck is Done


Angela and I got her truck done and she loves it. Check out what it looks like in the Cruisers section under Angela's truck. The pictures were taken with my new Olympus C3000 digital camera.

Check Out the Sunrise


I also have a few pictures of two different sunrises, one on the longest day of the year and one of the shortest day of the year. Be sure to check them out in the Pictures section for a comparison of just how far the Earth moves on it's axis every year.


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