Farmer Boys                 5/05/2010

While attending a car show in November of 09' last year, I had something unusual happen to me. The show was held at a Farmer Boys restaurant in Moreno Valley and as I was sitting in my chair, a gentleman, his wife, one guy with a camera and someone with a clipboard all came over and asked if this was my car. I answered 'yes' and then he asked if it would be okay if they took a few pictures of my car. Again I said 'yes'.

Now I've talked with a lot of people over the years and I've had a lot of people take pictures of my car as well, but that's where the normal conversation ended and another one started. Here was the guys next question, "I would like to know if I could use these pictures in a special way." Now I was intrigued but I had no idea what he meant. Turns out this guy was the owner of the Farmer Boys restaurant chain and he wanted to use my car on some of their T-shirts. Now I had a question for him, "are you serious!!?"

Yes he was very serious and proceeded to ask me a few more questions. As I answered them, this is where the person with the clipboard came in because they were writing everything down like my name, address, phone number along with how long it took to build the car, etc. And as we were talking, the person with the camera started taking shots of the car. I could hardly believe all this!!

He introduced himself along with his wife and then told me that they were originally from Greece. Turns out that he has loved hot rods for as long as he can remember and how hard it was to get parts over there. He also said that he has a few cars of his own and is currently working on one that will soon be on the road.

After talking with him for awhile, he was a very nice guy with a great passion for cars, and obviously for food too. The T-shirts they were going to do would be a limited addition and would be for sale at all of their locations throughout Southern California and Nevada. He also told me that they would hook me up with a bunch of them which would be sent to my house in four to six weeks. Well that sounded pretty darn good to me and I couldn't have been more flattered. I also couldn't wait to see them.

As the weeks turned into months, I hadn't seen or heard anything from Farmer Boys so I pretty much blew it off as "oh well". Larry asked me a couple of times if I'd heard anything (because he was at the show with me) and I told him "no I haven't". Well that must have got to Larry because when he attended a show at the same Farmer Boys later in March, he talked to someone and told them it wasn't right to promise something and not make good on it.

That talk by Larry must have sparked something because on April 15th, I received a big box full of T-shirts along with a bunch of coupons and a letter from Farmer Boys. The letter stated, "they were sorry for the delay that they had moved their office and design studio and were barely catching up". They also said, "we wanted to thank you for the great source of inspiration and reference that aided us in the 2010 Limited Edition Farmer Boys T-shirt featuring your 33 Ford Coupe".

This is the front of the shirt.



Here is another quote from the letter, "As with many projects, the design team changed the direction to feature a pinstripe series of the vehicle but nonetheless, we had great reference to work from thanks to you. We thank you for sharing your build talents with all of us and look forward to seeing you at the cruise nights!"

This is a close-up of the front.



The back of the shirt features the back of the car, makes sense to me.



The license plate says "Fresh" in case you can't read it.



The shirt also came with this Limited Edition tag attached to it. Now how cool is that!!



Here are some of the coupons that were sent. The ones on the right are good for one cheeseburger combo meal. The larger ones say 'Free Farmer's Burger' with what looks like a 100 dollar bill. It's not worth one hundred dollars but it is good for one of their double cheese burgers that come with bacon, guacamole, tomatoes, pickles, onions and lettuce. Now I've had one of these when I attended the show back in November and I think it was the best burger that I've ever had so I can't wait to use one of these coupons real soon.



They sent me two large and three small shirts that had my car on them along with a bunch of others. I gave one of the large shirts to Larry along with a coupon too. If you look close you can see three white shirts near the top that are the only other Farmer Boys shirts which have a different car on them. All in all, they sent about 20 shirts but most of them were completely different and had nothing to do with Farmer Boys for some reason. I guess they wanted to clean out the old office.



The shot below is what you see while standing in line at the Moreno Valley Farmer Boys. I asked and the prices of these shirts are about ten bucks each which isn't to bad of a deal.

I want to give a big "thank you" to Farmer Boys for hooking me up with some T-shirts and for all the coupons they sent to me. I still can't believe that I have my car on a shirt that someone can buy and I'm sure it's a once in a lifetime experience for me as well so I'm savoring this moment big time.