Car History  1            12-2013

I received an e-mail awhile back that was packed with historical information about automobiles. I really liked it so I decided to keep it and share everything that was attached without altering any pictures or editing the text in anyway. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, plus you might learn something along the way too.



Q: What was the first official White House car?

A: A 1909 White Steamer, ordered by President Taft.



Q: Who opened the first drive-in gas station?

A: Gulf opened up the first station in Pittsburgh in 1913.



Q: What city was the first to use parking meters?

A: Oklahoma City , on July 16 , 1935.



Q: Where was the first drive-in restaurant?

A: Royce Hailey's Pig Stand opened in Dallas in 1921.



Q: True or False? The 1953 Corvette came in white, red and black?

A: False. The 1953 'Vett's were available in one color, Polo White.



Q: What was Ford's answer to the Chevy Corvette, and other legal street racers of the 1960's?

A: Carroll Shelby's Mustang GT350.



Q: What was the first car fitted with an alternator, rather than a direct current dynamo?

A: The 1960 Plymouth Valiant.



Q: What was the first car fitted with a replaceable cartridge oil filter?

A: The 1924 Chrysler.



Q: What was the first car to be offered with a "perpetual guarantee"?

A: The 1904 Acme, from Reading, PA. Perpetuity was disturbing in this case, as Acme closed down in 1911.



Q: What American luxury automaker began by making cages for birds and squirrels?

A: The George N. Pierce Co. of Buffalo, who made the Pierce Arrow, also made iceboxes.


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