Culinary School 1          2008        

Tracey, (my oldest daughter) has been attending culinary school in Spokane Wa. for the past two years and from what I can tell, she's doing very well and having a good time. School will be over in June of 2008 and she has plans to move back to sunny southern California as soon as she graduates. One of the reasons why she's moving back can be found here but she does say it's very beautiful their and it's nice to experience four seasons.

Tracey sent me a few interesting pictures of what she's been learning to make and some if it really looks good. Some if it looks just a little to fancy for me but then again, I'm a meat and potatoes kind of guy.

Here are some of the cool looking dishes that she's made in the last few months and to start off with are some yummy breads.





These are Cuban breads.



This is braised swordfish and roasted parsnips. She says this one is very good even if you don't like fish.



This is tiramisu, inside out s'more and apple pie alamode.


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