Snow in Spokane  1          2008

My daughter, Tracey moved up to Spokane, WA. (which is about 100 miles from the Canadian border) in the summer of 2006 to attend culinary school but had no idea what she would be in for once winter arrived. The first full season that she was their was a nice break from all the fast pace rat race that she was use to in So. Ca. and she was able to experience having four seasons of weather too (something she's not use to). Now that she's in her second year of school and working (in the kitchen of a restaurant), she's getting very close to finishing up her final year in college.

Tracey told me that once she finishes school up there, she's going to move back to California because this was the worst winter Spokane has had in over 10 years. They had storm after storm and it snowed for over a week straight, almost bringing the city to it's knees. Needless to say, most of the town shut down and they had Monday thru Thursday off from school a week ago because it was so bad. She said that she couldn't get her car to move because the snowplow doesn't seem to go down her street very often. And to see what she's experiencing, she sent me down a few pictures to clue me in.

These are the step that she walks on to and from her apartment, if you can find them.



Once you've found your way out of the building, this is what your greeted with.



This is looking back at her building. I'm glad it's her and not me  :-)



Looks like someone's walking and not driving to where they want to go.



I have to say, it sure looks beautiful but then again, I know how big of a mess it is once your in it.


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