Snow in Spokane  5          2008

This is what it takes to get to your car. And to take a few pictures too.



Here is Tracey's car after a week of bad weather again. I'm pretty sure she's going to be stuck for a few more days by looking at it.



Looks pretty deep to me!!



The windows on this two story place are about four feet tall and those ice spears are even longer. The one place that you don't want to be is underneath them because if one fell on your head, I'm sure you'd be taking a trip to the ER.



This is a "fort" that some kids build outside of Tracey's place. I wonder how they supported the roof??

That's about all the pictures that she sent me and if she sends me any more, I'll be sure to put them here so check back in a few weeks to see if she ever got her car away from the curb.


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