Plexiglas case 1            August 2002


Well it's like this, I had some parts left over from my last upgrade so I decided to put them into a new system. I also had to buy some new stuff to so off to the computer show I went. The new system was going to be a Spare/LAN/Gameserver kind of thing so it had to be smaller than my main system and lighter (which should be an easy task in both cases). 

I haven't seen to many people build their own cases so I thought I would give it a try. The material for the case would be made out of clear Plexiglas. I have little to no experience with this stuff so I thought it would be fun to do. Besides, anyone that's seen a Plex window in someone's case can tell you just how cool it looks when it's in there. So why not make the whole thing out of it! Well that's just what I did so let's see what it took to make it and how it turned out.


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