Plexcase 8            August 2002

The power supply came out of my other system. It's made by Sparkle and is a 300 watt box. I removed some of the wires that were not going to be used being this is a clear case and don't want to have wire clutter ya know. So off comes the top cover and time to do some more modding.



I'm going to remove the old 80mm fan and putting in a new clear one. This will be hard wired to the existing wires the old fan was using. There will also be a new fan grill which is gold. Remember the gold CD-ROM cover? All part of the theme.  

While I have the cover off it's time to cut a few wires that I won't be needing. The AUX connector got the knife along with two extra Molex connectors. I don't know what the AUX connector is even used for but it seems like all the power supply's I have seen all have them. 



One more fan is going to be added to the front of the power supply for some added cooling. After removing everything from the inside of it, out comes the Dremel again to make a hole for the fan. Drill 4 holes for the gold fan cover and then remove all the sharp edges. 



This purple cover is replacing the old metal one. It's held on with some double-sided tape that goes on the top of the power supply at each end. I also added a blue LED inside under one of the heat sinks. If everything goes right, we should be able to see inside when the system is powered on.


Now it's time to add some cooling to the hard drive.


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