Plexcase 5            August 2002

Being a clear case an all, I didn't want that plane old looking CD-ROM drive in there so I thought a nice big window would look cool but after taking the drive cover off, I discovered something unexpected. There was a piece in the top cover that needed to be there because this is a 52X drive. CD-ROM drives have gotten faster over the years and the extra piece was there to keep the CD from bouncing or walking around while it was spinning. The round white disk is the piece and it has a magnet in it to mate with the bottom of the other half (black piece in CD-ROM drive).



What I came up with wasn't one big window but four little ones. This way the drive would work like it was designed but still be able to see inside. After laying it out, it was time to break out the Dremel. These cutoff wheels cut through sheet metal like a hot knife through butter.



After some deburring and cleaning, I painted the cover and bottom purple to match some other items and the face plate got a coat of gold. Notice I also masked the two buttons to have a little contrast. These colors would match some other stuff least that's the plan.



Both drives are mounted with red thumbscrews to hold them in place. This makes for easy removal if need be. While I had it apart I put a blue LED inside the CD-ROM drive. It's mounted toward the back of it and looks cool when powered on. 



Now it's time to go to work on the fans that will be in the system. Yep.....modified them to.


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