Plexcase 4            August 2002

To layout and mount the motherboard, I put it on the shelf and used a Sharpie marker to transfer the mounting holes. One little dot was all I needed but I only marked two holes (the end holes) to make sure it was going to line up. After the first two holes were done, the the rest could be laid out and drilled. Those are brass stand-offs which were drilled and tapped for 6-32 threads like the case has.



To mount the drives to the other shelf, I made some brackets that had slots in them so they could be adjustable and put 6-32 threads in them to hold them to the shelf. After attaching the brackets to the drives, I set them on the shelf to find out where I needed to drill the holes for the screws. The brackets were two different lengths but the same height (1.125). The larger ones are for the hard drive and the smaller ones are for the CD-ROM. I made the brackets about an inch longer than the mounting locations were on the drives. 



After attaching the brackets to see how it fit, I had to add some slots for wiring. This pattern was achieved by the motherboard shelf because the two cutouts had to be cut around the stand-offs. This left the three locaters you see here that are to go in the slots in the side panels. 



Here is what it looks like with the motherboard on it. The cutouts are very close to the mounting screws on the motherboard. This is about as far as I wanted to go inward and leave enough strength in the shelf. 


Now it's time to mod the CD-ROM drive.


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