Plexcase 9            August 2002

After putting the system together for a trial run, I noticed the hard drive got hot. The section that the drives are in doesn't have very good air circulation so I needed to add some cooling. I bought two 40mm X 40mm X 10mm fans to mount in front of the hard drive to help cool it. 



I also wanted the least amount of wire clutter so out came the cutters and soldering iron again. I put the two fans in place to find out where to cut the wires. I was only going to use one Molex connector for this setup which reduces some of the wires. Here is what it looks like after I connected them together and added some red shrink tubing.



While I was cutting holes in the front panel for the two fans, I decided to install a front mounted USB port. The motherboard came with extra ports so I put them to use. This was supposed to go in the back of your normal case but I wanted it in the front so I cut off the ends that stuck out from both sides and mounted it in the front. It will be much easier to attach my keyboard and mouse while at LAN parties this way. The black connector has four LED's for diagnostics. You can see it right next to the two USB ports. It allows users to identify system problems through 16 various combinations of LED signals. The manual has a break down of these definitions to know what lights mean what. The white connector is for the extra two USB ports. 



Here is the front panel with the new cutouts for the two fans and USB ports. I might be adding two switches right above the USB cutout soon. 


How bout we take a look at what hardware is going into the system.


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