Plexcase 7            August 2002

These are some of the parts I had to pick from to use for the hard drive and power-on LED's. I thought the chrome would look nice with the clear case so that's what I used. The little black round things are to be used in sheet metal and were not quite thick enough for the 3/16" Plexiglas. 



And these are some of the buttons I picked up and again I went with the chrome ones. The reset button is recessed (far right) so that would work great and the green one will be used for the power on button. 



Here is a bunch of wire I used for this part of the project. I bought these at the computer show at the time I was getting some other stuff for this system. I wanted these because they already had connectors on them which will attach to the motherboard. After measuring the length I needed, out comes the cutters. Now it's time to get to the soldering iron and and get to work. 



The front panel is made out of 3/16" Plexiglas which is screwed to the motherboard shelf. I also added some red heat shrink tubing to cover the solder joints. It's nice to be able to make these just the right length which makes for a clean look. The buttons and LED's will go through the front of the case. 



Now it's time to work on the power supply....oh yeah....I messed that as well.


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