Plexiglas case 12            August 2002

This is a view from the front. Notice how the Glow Wire transfers through the shelves which is what I was hoping for. The color I bought was blue but it came out kinda blue-green....oh well. It's attached with 1/8 wide double-sided clear tape which makes it easy to work with. The shelves had to be cut .110 to add clearance for the Glowire in the back. 



This is looking at it from the side. Here you can see all four fans lit-up. This also gives you a better look a the Glow Wire on the back panel.



I put a blue LED inside the CD-ROM drive. I had no idea how it would look when doing it but after it was done, it looks cool when a CD is spinning in there.



And here is the system next to the monitor up on the desk. 



I plan on doing another one because my daughter wants one with a design she came up with so stay tuned for that one.


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