Tracey's Trip 1

My oldest daughter Tracey just moved out of the house. Where's she moving you ask, that would be Nashville Tennessee. Now that's about 2000 miles from home.  

She made the trip with a girl friend. They both drove there own cars and followed each other all the way there. The plan is to stay for six months in an apartment together. The apartment has either a six month lease or a one year lease. They were going to have to find jobs once they got there as well. 

Her girl friend that she went with has some friends that live out there. They decided there might not be another opportunity like this again so off they went (not having kids, boy friends, etc). Tracey's car is small and Holley's isn't much bigger which made it hard to choose what to take and what not to. See for yourself...


Not much space in there for anything else but there was just enough room to see out of the right mirror. Let's see how much room she has to drive.


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