NHRA Museum  1          January 2009        

One of the things I finally went and did was visit the NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona, Ca. which was on January 2. This was my first visit to the museum which is kinda funny because I've passed by it many times on my way to the races or some other event going on at the L.A. Fairgrounds. I've heard about it from friends, saw some bits and pieces of it on TV, but have never been inside until now.

The Museum features a huge amount of vintage cars and racing vehicles along with 50 years of motorsports history. There's also a gift shop that has a large variety of items that should keep any enthusiast happy.

The person to thank for all this is Wally Parks, the founder of the NHRA. The dream he had was to be able to give something back which became a reality in 1998 when the museum opened. If you've ever watched drag racing and have seen the winner holding up that big trophy at the end of the race, that piece of hardware is called a 'Wally' named after Wally Parks. 

The Museum also has a car show called 'The Twilight Cruise' held on the first Wednesday of the month and runs from 4 to 8 pm. I've never been to this show but I here it draws hundreds of cars and has a huge 50/50 drawing that can net you thousands of dollars. One of these days I'll have to take some time off work and check this show out because after asking someone inside about it, they told me that people start showing up by noon for a good spot.

I didn't know what to expect once we arrived and wondered how crowded it would be and how big the place was. All I knew is what other people had told me and said that I would have a good time. Well they were right because I stayed for over two hours and had a great time. So sit back for a virtual tour of the place because I took a bunch of pictures.



As you can see the place was packed so I lucked out parking this close.



You're greeted by these old bikes as you walk inside. There wasn't much information about them but they sure did look good.



How cool are these bikes!!



This is a close-up of the picture hanging above the motorcycles.



This 1929 Ford pickup, The Ala Kart was built by George Barris. This car has won many awards including "World's Most Beautiful Roadster" at the famous Oakland Roadster show back in 1963. Ahead of it's time it has air-bag suspension, fuel-injected Dodge engine, electrically-actuated emergency brake system, one-piece removable top, fully chromed undercarriage, custom formed hood and grille shell, and a 30-coat pearlescent lacquer finish.


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