NHRA Museum  12          January 2009

As I walked to this car I noticed something different. Actually, I saw a bunch of different things. First the chassis was huge, and for good reason. It has to support the weight of two engines.



The next thing I noticed was that it was supercharged, but not like you'd think. These blowers were mounted on the front of the engine, not the traditional 'over the top of the engine' like I was use too. It looks like there're driven off the crankshaft (which is traditional) but not with a pulley and belt, they were bolted right to the block. Pretty cool design and very initiative.



When I first saw this car, I thought "you've got to be kidding...look how small that windshield is"! Well it's not a window at all, it's fiberglass that's painted black.



Turns out that the driver looks over the top of the roof to see. Look close and you'll see the roll bar sticking out of the back.



Here are the front page pictures of Hot Rod magazine from 1948 through 2008.



This is one of Kenny Bernstein's top fuel cars mounted to the wall. And notice how small the front tires are. He tried running these smaller diameter tires to see if he could pickup speed, but he soon went back to the larger version.


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