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My step-daughter, Stefanie, was only 11 years old when I first met her back in 1993, which means I've had the chance to watch her transform from a little girl into a beautiful woman. As I watched Stefanie grow throughout the years, she was very level headed, pretty much knew what she wanted in life and what she didn't want as well. Here you can see Stefanie when she was in the 7th. grade.



While she was in High School, she watched many of her friends end up having kids of their own, which was something they didn't want (or need at the time) and some of them even made that mistake twice. I heard Stef tell her mom more than once that she wasn't going to let that happen to her before she got married, and she made good on that promise. This is Stefanie's High School graduation picture.



When Stefanie graduated from High School in 1999, she eventually left the nest and moved into an apartment to experience life on her own. After living away from home for a few years, she met a great guy named Leonard, which soon became the love of her life.



After dating for a year or so, Stefanie and Lenny were married in September of 2005 at the Mission Inn in Riverside, Ca. The wedding was beautiful along with the reception and we couldn't have been happier for the both of them.



They look so good together.


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