Grandparents  3          2008

One of the many gifts they received was this hat that Lenny wore for a few minutes. Everyone got a good laugh out of it but Lenny didn't care, he liked it.



What you see here is just one of the games they played at the shower. What you're suppose to do is draw a picture of a baby on the back of a paper plate, but you had to do while the plate was on your head. The best looking baby won a prize.



Here is another game which was 'guess which baby food you're tasting'. There were five different types of baby food that you had to taste but only the guys seemed to do this one. Here you can see Lenny trying to figure out just what he's eating. And if you're wondering if I did the taste test, yes I did, but I swear that one of the spoons was filled with dirt from one of the flower beds.


All the the brides maids showed up for the baby shower and by the looks on their faces, they all seem to be having a great time again.


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