Grandparents  5          2008

Aidan one week old trying to figure out how to reach those dangling things.



Mom and baby one week later in his room.



Here we have four generations: from left to right, Stefanie, Great Grandpa Jerry, Grandma Terri and Uncle Tony. Aidan on the other hand is a little camera shy.



Fast-forward to Thanksgiving 2008 and Aidan is six months old. He sure is growing up fast and should be crawling any day now.

They're in the process of moving out of the big city and buying a house in the Banning - Beaumont area because it's close to family and friends. And with two sets of grandparents just a few minutes away, they now have plenty of babysitters near by if they need a break. This way we get to watch him, spoil him and then send him back home. Isn't that what grandparents are for?

A good friend of mine told me one time that...."if they had known that grandkids would be this much fun, they would have had them first". I couldn't agree more!!


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