Winternationals 1          2003        

Angela and I went to the Winternationals and we had a great time. It was the first time for her and she wants to go again next year. It's hard to describe just how loud it is but that's only half of it because you not only hear FEEL it!! If you haven't seen a fuel car in your life, it's something you have to see and feel at least once in your life. 

Once we made or way up into the pits, we were just starting to see all the cars and one happened to startup just in front of us so I showed Angela what a fuel car was all about. As we got near the car, I couldn't talk to her anymore so she just hung by my side as we watched the guys tune the car. We weren't there more than a minute as the people that were closer to the car were running for fresh air. There's NO WAY to see or breath the Nitro Methane that they use as fuel as it comes out of the exhaust. I've been here many times so I knew to hang back about 25 to 30 feet. Just then one of the crew touched the throttle and my daughter jumped and squeezed my arm big time. Damn was that funny when she jumped. Notice the big fan to the right of the car. This is how they get rid of all the exhaust fumes and why the people right next to the car were running for cover holding there eyes and coughing.



This funny car's body was being put on the car by three guys. You can see two of them holding it in the back.



Here is just the body of a funny car. The whole thing is made out of fiberglass.


Here is John Force and his funny car. John is one of the biggest winners in drag racing history. 



Here are a couple of Top Fuel cars in the pits gett'n ready for some qualifying.  Now that's some big tires and short!





A couple of Top Fuel cars doing a burnout.



Another smokey burnout.

Check out the fire spit'n from the cars below.


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