Winternationals 3        2003

One of the biggest names in racing is Budweiser. Look at the setup they had! These were right next to each other, and when you're done wrench'n, walk a couple feet and have some chow.







 Here is the Bud car making it's way to the staging lanes. Notice that they only have one wheelie bar these days. 



The Skoal car sure was nice. It was in the lanes waiting there turn for the last run of the day.



Here we have the Budweiser horses carrying the winner of the Bud shoot-out down the track. If you look close, you can see a big white sign that he's holding which is a check for one hundred thousand dollars. It was a damn good race in the final round.



That about does it for this years 2003 Winternationals qualifying. Hope you liked the cars as much as Angela and I did. I can't wait till November which will be the 2003 finals!! 


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