Christmas Gifts  1                   2006

 I've made a few things out of wood over the years but I don't work with it very often and really don't know much about it. This year I made a couple of things for the kids to open for Christmas. 

My daughter, Tracey, is attending culinary school in Spokane, WA. and is now starting her second semester. She really enjoys it and is doing very well at it. A couple of years ago I made her a cutting board but it was stolen out of a storage unit along with a bunch of other things of hers. I felt bad for her so I decided to make her another one. The last one was a very simple, one species type of board but this one would be a little different. 

Being a machinist and having no wood working machines to work with, I'm forced to use metal working equipment too make something. The good news is that some of the machines that I do work with are pretty nice, like the CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines. These machines are great for making parts very accurately and with the use of a computer to program them, all you have to do is use your imagination to make your idea a reality.

What I came up with for her was another cutting board that had four species of wood this time. I was also going to try my hand at doing an inlay as well. I don't know the right or wrong way to do an inlay so if anyone has any experience doing this, please let me know. 

The species of wood used were black walnut, maple, mahogany and coco bolo. The insert is a half inch deep and is made out of the coco bolo. With the insert being so deep, I could resurface it without worrying about removing the Chevy bowtie (if need be).



The size is 18" X 13" X 1 1/2" and the bottom has four small round rubber feet that are screwed on. The corners have one inch radius' and you can't feel the difference between any of the wood. I put mineral oil on it which really brought out the beauty of the wood and that won't harm the  food that will be placed on it.

She should get years of use from it and I'm guessing that not too many people have one with a coco bolo Chevy bowtie in it.



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