Christmas Gifts  2                   2006

I also made something for my younger daughter, Angela, which is attending college as well. Her project had been thought of while I was is the mountains deer hunting this year. Why would deer hunting do that you ask? Acorns!!

The story goes like this. I was having lunch under some pine trees (a smashed ham sandwich that has been bouncing around in my pack for hours that  tastes so much better when your out in the woods than if you were at home along with some smashed chips) while hunting in late October. I was just letting my mind wander for a few minutes enjoying the cool mountain air along with some water to wash the food down with. Once I was through eating, I was back on my way when I came too a small creak of running water. Near the water were some acorns and right then it hit me what to give my daughter for Christmas. 

Angela and I went deer hunting a long time ago when she was about eight or nine years old. One of the things that she learned that day was how to read a map. What I did was tell her what forestry road we were on and she did the rest. I was impressed because she was very young and I didn't expect her to do that well. We looked through binoculars together and tried to find a deer but it we didn't see any that day.

After spending the whole day together, walking and driving around those same mountings, we came across an area that had running water and close by were some acorns on the ground. We stopped and walked around a little bit and when it was time to leave, we picked up a few of the acorns to bring home. I didn't know it back then but they ended up being a reminder of what a good time we had that day. And to this very day, we both still have them (I keep mine in a small box at home that also has a few other keep sakes of special moments in time of my kids. They aren't worth much, and might not have any value  to them at all or to anyone else, but they mean the world to me).

After seeing those acorns on the ground, at just about the same spot that the two of us were at years ago, I just had to pick them up and take them home. This is where the idea of the box came into play. What I had in mind was to build her a wooden box and place the acorns inside for her to open on Christmas day. I guess you could call it a two-in-one present.

When she opened up the cardboard box that I had placed her wrapped present in, she looked at her gift and said how cool it looked. But when she took the lid off and looked inside, I had placed a note on top of some bubble-rap that read, "This was one of the best days of my life, love dad". After she removed the bubble rap, her eyes filled with tears when she saw the acorns laying there in the bottom. 

At this point, my eyes were doing the same thing, along with everyone else in the room once they found out what the story was behind the little treasures that were inside her present.



The species of wood used here were maple, mahogany, coco bolo and oak. The inlay is the coco bolo which is 1/4" deep and the box is eight sided. The size is 5 3/4" X 4 1/2" tall and the lid sets on top.

Here you can see how the lid fits on. The wall thickness is 1/2" and I also put in some red velvet to cover the bottom and it's removable. The the lid goes on any way you want and is held in place by a 1/8" tall lip on the box side.



I put a piece of green felt on the bottom so it won't scratch the surface that she places it on. 

That day that Angela and I spent together years ago I won't ever forget because it was "one of the best days of my life".


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