Projects              02-2015

Here are some of the projects that I've made over the years. Most were presents but a few I made for myself.


Aidan's 1st Birthday


Birthday Present for our grandson


Aidan's Weights & Measures


Project for my grandson Aidan

Automotive Tools  

Custom made automotive tools



Baby Teeth



Bank - Aidan



Barrel Rack


Barrel rack for leaning guns against

Belt Sander



Bipod Mod



Book Stand

A book stand for my daughter

Cat Tree

  Cat Tree for my daughter

Cheese Slicer


Christmas presents for the family

Chess Set


Christmas present for my father and daughter
Christmas Reindeer




Cribbage Board

Father's Day gift for my father-in-law
Cutting Board 1
Christmas present for my daughter
Cutting Board 2
Christmas Presents for my Daughter
Cutting Board 3
Christmas present for my daughter

Decanter Set


Christmas presents for the family

Deer Skull



Funnel Drain


Something to drain my funnels into

Garage Tunes

Engine shapped CD/radio/MP3 player for the garage
Gun Vise
Multi-function gun vise to work on my firearms with

Hat Rack


Antler hat rack for my son

Hotwire Foam Cutter


Jewelry Box

Custom made jewlery box for my wife

Kitchen Utensils


Custom made kitchen utensils

Knife (fixed blade)

Christmas present for my father-in-law
Knife (folder)
Folding knife for myself - first atempt

Knife Holder


Christmas Presents for the Kids




License Plate Plaque


License Plate Plaque from my 33 Coupe
Paper Towel Holder  

Paper towel holder for the garage





   Car Club plaque and memories from my best friend

Plexiglas Computer

LAN box and gaming computer
Rifle Scope Power Lever

Rifle scope power levers



Rifle Scope Tools


Tools for Mounting a Rifle Scope

Salad Forks



School Shop Class


High School Metal Shop Projects

Serving Tray


Birthday presents for my daughter

Small Wooden Box 1

Christmas Present for my daughter
Small Wooden Box 2  

Birthday present for my wife



Soft Jaws


Table (Large)
Table for the living room

Tables (Small)


Bedroom table and Living room table


Welding Cart

Welding cart and table


Wine Bottle Lamp


      Wine Bottle Lamp Present