33 Coupe Welder 5        4/13/03

I made this cart to hold the welder and all that goes with it. I also put a steel top on it to double as a welding bench. It stands 30.5" tall which is just the right height. 



The little drop-down section is for the Argon tank to sit in. By doing this it helps in keeping the overall height down to a minimum. I made the base and tank area out of 2" X 2" angle iron. The four uprights and top are 1" X 1" angle iron.  Four 4" casters support the whole cart. The two in the front swivel and the back are stationary. 



Here is a shot of the top of the cart. It's made of 3/16" thick steel welded on from the bottom and ends. I painted the whole cart except the top and sides to have a good ground while welding. The ground clamp will be attached to the side so that's why no paint here.


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