33 Coupe Interior 1        5/15/04

I decided to make a new step called "interior" as the "Body" section was getting very large. It seemed fitting as the interior is a step all it's own. 

What we have here is a steering wheel adapter and horn button. These are made by Billet Specialties and they look real nice. The adapter will go over the end of the steering column and then gets held on with the large nut that you see below. To hold the steering wheel on, the nine chromed flat head cap screws will handle that. The small screw is to hold the ground wire in place for the horn.



This is the back side of the horn button and it gets held in by an O-ring which is a cool idea. The wire that you see goes to the hot wire on the column and the other goes to ground. I might take this apart and plate half of this assembly to get a little contrast instead of having so much shinny-to-shinny. I like polished things but when you have so much of it running together, it seems like to much. After I get it all bolted up, I'll see how it looks and go from there.



The steering wheel is also made by Billet Specialties and it's wrapped in leather. The picture doesn't do the wheel justice at all as it looks awesome in person. I had the wheel shipped from Billet Specialties to Tea's Design to have it covered so it would match my seats. The distance from the mounting surface to the top of the wheel is three inches. I had a hard time picking out a design because there are so many different ones. I hope it looks good in there when I get through. 



This is the back and as you can see, it has lots of places to put your fingers. Again the picture doesn't do it justice. This is a one piece aluminum wheel and it feels good. I can't wait to see it installed.


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