33 Coupe Body 1        4/25/03

The garage is gett'n full as you can see but that's a good thing because that means the body has finely arrived. I ordered it from a company in Kansas called "Redneck Street Rods".....no kidding! They make one of the best fiberglass bodies out there so that's who I went with. I had a neighbor help me unload everything on his forklift because the main body is heavy. And wouldn't you know it, the rain started to come down. No big deal as I got it all inside just fine. The thickness of the body is about 1/4" and the floor has steel reinforcing to add strength for seatbelts bolts. This is the only place that Redneck uses steel and the rest of it has fiberglass to reinforce it with because the expansion and contraction rate between steel and fiberglass is different and will crack over time. This is why Redneck doesn't use steel like some other makers do. Let's look at some of the pieces. 



Here is what was inside the body after unpacking. We have front fenders, inner fenders, rear fenders, gas tank cover, running boards, grill shell, weather stripping (for the doors and trunk), windshield wiper motor and front and rear glass. Everything looked pretty good for such a long trip. And it was delivered right to my door.



The body was shipped on this skid and it was bolted down with four lag bolts. I've seen fiberglass bodies before and this one looked great. I'm very happy with it so far and hope I don't run into any major problem with it because the company is so far away. One nice thing, the guy that sold it to me is cool and doesn't mind me calling if I need to ask a question or two (or three...etc.)



Here you can see the 3" chopped top. The stock 33 Coupe bodies were taller than this originally but after being chopped, it makes it look better in my opinion.


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