Random Car Pictures: Part One                Page 11                   June 2015

Optimist 2013

That radiator hose looks a little close to that air filter.



Redlands Firefighters 2012



Wings and Fins 2011



Hoggs Diner 2009

I won an award that day and I got my picture taken as well.



Oak Glen 2012



Las Vegas Drag Strip 2010

John Force eating a burger and signing an autograph for my wife, all at the same time.



Yucaipa Iris Fest 2012



Past Pleasure 2010

That accessory bracket has some cool features if you look close.



Redlands Firefighters 2010

Note the stop light.



Pomona Winternationals 2007

The 'Winged Express' is one of my all time favorite AA Fuel Altereds.



Optimist 2010



Sunnymead Burgers 2015



Pomona Winternationals 2013



Veterans 2012



Past Pleasure 2010



Wings and Fins 2010

F/A-18 Hornet



Sunnymead Burgers 2009



Past Pleasure 2011



Veterans 2012

Another talented airbrush artist.



Las Vegas 2010

I took this while driving up to Las Vegas, note the tape holding the hood and bumper together.



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