Palm Springs Air Museum 4            April 2011

This is a scale model of a USS Rasher (which means vermilion colored rockfish) submarine which played a major roll for the U.S. Navy in WW II. It's over 100 yards long, could do 20 knots on the surface and 9 knots while submerged.



Here is the rear of the sub and you can see the torpedo room on the end along with what looks likes some kind of support for the engines. Below that you can see the prop shaft in it's own room.



Here are the engine rooms which probably would have been a very hot and noisy environment.



This is where some of the crew slept which is very cramped and in the next room is the galley.



Another room for guys to sleep along with a room full of all kinds of valves.



At the front there are more torpedoes along with a motor to run the anchor.




Click for a larger picture


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