Palm Springs Air Museum 19            April 2011







Jerry checking out a display which had uniformed officers and lots of history to see on video.






This aircraft was flown by George W. Bush while he was in the NAVY. It's a torpedo bomber and has a 14 cylinder engine that made 1900 hp. He was shot down during one of his flights and was then rescued.








The Palm Springs Air Museum was an awesome experience and great place to learn more about World War II aircraft along with lots of war era artifacts. The building is air-conditioned and very clean inside which makes it that much nicer.

I have a bonus section that I did at the last minute while I was working on this update that I think you'll like. This other section wasn't planned when I took the museum pictures but goes along with the whole theme of WW II very nicely. To make a long story longer....there are 36 more pictures and two of them on the last page regarding Mancle King are from 1945.


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