Palm Springs Air Museum 17            April 2011

This is an older Pratt and Whitney jet engine but I don't know what it's out of.



Here are some communications equipment and some machine gun parts in that open box.



I'm not sure what everything is but on the left is what looks like a parachute. The large rusty item in the center looks to be some kind of binoculars that has a water tight lid that screws shut. On the bottom right looks like a compass or navigational device and various model aircraft of all kinds.



If you like models then you'd love this because it's huge. The man on the left can give you some reference to how large this display really is because I'm guessing this aircraft carrier is about 20 feet long here.



Here is another model ship but this time it's a battleship. If you look close you can see just how many guns this ship had.



Just about everywhere you look is some kind of gun whether it be large or small.



Lots of older weapons from many different eras.


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