Garage Tunes  8            11-2012

I slid in the mounting bracket and made sure that if fits right. I also made a hole for my new switch near the bottom. I figured the bottom would work best because I'll be placing the enclosure on top of a tall cabinet so this will make it easier to get at.



I bought some electrical cord to power the new unit with. I got 15 feet but will only be using about 10. The size of the wire is #16 with a ground.



For an antenna I'm using a universal style that came with a wire attached. Some of the choices you can buy are aerial only and wire only for about twice the price of this one. I don't know how much better or worse one is over the other but I guess I'll find out.



I had a choice of black or chrome and I got the shiny one.



I mounted the antenna one the back which makes it portable. I hope this works good because I don't know how to tell a good antenna from a bad one.



I made a bracket for the antenna out of aluminum that is bent at a right angle. I mounted it with two screws which worked out fine.


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