Garage Tunes  2            11-2012

With the covers removed you can see what's under the hood a little better. They have three speakers in each unit, one being a 5 1/4" mid/low range dynamically balanced composite driver and two 2 3/4" dynamically balanced silk dome tweeters.

I don't plan on putting these speakers next to my new system but instead I'll be taking these apart and incorporating two of the three (from each one) into my new enclosure. I figure that it will make the new system a little more compact by doing it this way (think boombox).



This switch activates the second tweeter if you so desire using it or you can just use one depending on your room or need. I plan on using only one. The red and black knobs are where you hook your speaker wires to. The two knobs are threaded and have a hole going through the thread for your speaker wire to pass through. All you do is place a wire through the hole and tighten the knobs down and that's it. I plan on using this whole piece because on the back side it has the crossover unit for the different speakers.



After removing the larger speaker you can see there was some packing inside. This helps dampen the driver while it's moving. If you look close you can see the other side of the switch which has the crossover network attached to it. Polk Audio made it easy to unplug the speakers because they used push-on connectors for each one.



After I stripped a few wires and attached them, the system works really well. This is what you call 'bench testing'. It's easier to fix any problems when it's like this instead of everything being all cramped inside of a box. I played with the remote control to see how that worked and it didn't matter how far away I got it still worked. That's good news because I plan on placing the new system on the opposite side of the garage from where you see it now so. So if I wanted to listen to a different song, it's just a button push away. Now that I know that everything works, it's time to make an enclosure for these pieces to fit into.



Now that I have most of the components that I'll be using, I made some cardboard cut-outs of them all. This way I can place them on or over a template to make sure everything is going to fit. And if I don't like how it looks, I can move them around till I do.



I started sticking some tape to my workbench to get any idea of what I might want the enclosure to look like. One thing lead to another and here's what I came up with. I'm not sure where every piece will be located but I'm going to make my new garage tunes look like an engine which kinda makes sense...being a gearhead and all.


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