Garage Tunes  7            11-2012

Here I'm testing to see which way the switch needs to be for my application. Once I find out I'll leave the switch in that position and call it good.



Here you can see the crossover network that is attached to the panel which is why I'm going to use it as is. I cut off the wires going to the second tweeter as they won't be used any more.



To make life a little easier for me, I'm going to use a six wire connector to join some of the wires together. I just happen to have one sitting around in my toolbox so I thought I'd use it. If you've ever used one of these plugs, then you know what a pain they can be to crimp the connectors properly.



I used the plug that came with the head unit (red arrow) on one end of the connector and matched up a few of the wires with the same color on the other end but the remainder were different. It doesn't matter if the wires are different color as long as they are hooked up the right way.



Here is the adapter for the head unit. I made the cutout for it earlier and now it's time to install it to make sure everything fits and works okay.



I wanted a power switch so I bought this rocker switch that should work for what I want and it has a blue LED that comes on when the power is on. The head unit has two power wires, one is for constant power so you won't loose any of your presets like radio stations along with settings for bass, mid and treble, etc. The second wire shuts down everything else. I'll wire the head unit so that I have power to the presets all the time and then use this switch to kill power for my fans and shutting off the head unit.


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