Garage Tunes  5            11-2012

Here's another view of the same piece to give you a better idea of it's shape. The reason it's tapered is because the injector has an angle to it and I wanted the top of the injector to be level once it was in place.



This should give you a better idea of how these will go together. I'll use two screws, one on each side that will hold them together.



This piece of wood will act as a clamp to hold the power supply in place. I originally planned on having the power supply located at the bottom of the enclosure but changed my mind at the last minute. The reason for that is I didn't think there was enough room for the head unit to be placed near the bottom of the enclosure like I wanted it to be if the power supply was under it. Call it an engineering change if you will.



The power supply has four 8-32 threaded holes in the top of it so I'm using them to mount it at the top of the enclosure. This area will be where the blower is located and should provide me with a little extra room so things won't be as cramped. I'll also show you why I mounted this off center too.



The next part of the new sound system needed some holes made. I didn't have the right size hole saw but I did find this little tre-pan tool in my toolbox. This worked out great because it's adjustable and went right through that thin wood.



This is the back side of the enclosure at the blower location. What I'm doing is making some ventilation holes for fans so I can have some circulating air to keep things cool because I'm not sure how warm things will get inside. Now you can see why the power supply is mounted off center which is to make room for a fan.


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