Garage Tunes  3            11-2012

To build the enclosure I'm going to use wood. This stuff is 3/16" thick and is like paneling with one side being better than the other. Having one good side isn't a big deal to me because it will be painted once I'm through. But I'll use the good side because it looks pretty nice.



I made a cardboard template so I could transfer the shape on my work bench over to the wood. To make the template, I had to measure and layout everything all over again and then cut it out.

If you're wondering why the top is shaped kind of funny, it's because this new engine will have a supercharger on it. Now that I have the basic shape, it's time to start cutting out some wood.



After cutting out the basic shape, I started adding the bottom and sides, which will be the engine block and oil pan. To join these pieces together, I used 1" X 2" pine and fastened each of those pieces with two flat head screws. By doing it this way there will be a lot of cuts but I don't know any other way of doing it. Oh and for the record, I'm no wood worker but I do know just enough to get in trouble.



In this shot you can see how many screws I've used so far. And there is the same amount on the back side as well. Maybe I'll do a screw count when I'm all finished.



As I was cutting, fitting and adding pieces, I started thinking about how I was going to make the blower look. After I came up with an idea, I needed to remove the top of the injector so I could work on it. What I'll need to do is cut the injector off right where the arrows are because it was in the way for what I wanted to do next.



Here you can see that the injector has been removed and a few more pieces have been added. Also notice the pencil marks next to every piece. I gave each piece a different number so I could take things apart and not get any pieces mixed up. If I made each part with a machine I might not need to mark everything but no two pieces are the same here because I did everything by hand.


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