Garage Tunes  10            11-2012

Here are the legs attached to the bottom. All I did was drill some holes that were about the same size as the threads sticking out of them and then screwed them in.



I'm going to add some detail to the front of the blower housing by using some socket head cap screws. These screws are 1/4-20" X 1" long and I'll be using 10 of them but only three will actually be holding the front piece on.



Here is what I mean, the three longer ones will be holding the front panel in place and the others will just be for show. What I did was cut off the heads of some screws and I'll glue the rest of them in place.



Here is what it looks like with the front panel installed. I thought it would look a little better this way by adding a little detail. Now let's see....which ones are the real ones again?



What you see below are some zoomies that need to be welded together. This is made from 1/2" EMT which is used for running electrical wire through. All I did was bend some tubing to a 90 degree angle and then cut off the excess so they were equal length from the center.



Here is the right side all welded and ready to be bolted on. Doesn't every garage radio need a pair of these?


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