33 Coupe Engine 55        7/26/03

Here's the setup I'll be using. Notice the one screw is shorter than the other one. The smaller one would thread all the way up to it's shoulder while the other one would not. The longer one is my adjuster that I could move in or out as needed to obtain the proper length. 



Here you can see the one screw not in all the way (right side). This is the one that will be used for adjusting. After trying my new creation, I had to cut more off one end as it was to long. No big deal as I cut it long just in case. Now the reason I used screws that have a rounded head is because the end of the rockers are and lifters have a concave radius so these would locate correctly. I could then measure over the ends of the pushrod and have my new length. Now let's see how it works. 



Woohoo....it works!! Now you can see the test springs that I'm using. Notice how much difference there is between the real spring (on the left) and test ones. There's NO WAY that my new pushrod would be able to push my real springs open without bending but that's not what I'm after so let's roll the engine through a few times and take a look. 



If there wasn't bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all sometimes. If you look close, you'll see that the spring retainer hits the underside of the rocker arm. Not a good thing. Now I'll have to either buy new rocker arms or do the one thing I'm gett'n good at.....brake out the grinder....again! If I grind on these rockers, I'll void my warranty (these have a lifetime warranty on the body of the rockers). So....what's it gonna be....new rockers or get busy with the carbide??


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