Knife Holder    7                    1-2016

Here you can see the gap that I was looking for, just like on my test piece. That is exactly what I wanted so now it's time to machine it away.



I clamped the center of the sandwich to the milling machine and machined the plug. But I stayed away from my work piece by .002" because I didn't want to touch that surface with my cutter. The rest will be hand sanded which I can control much easier.



Here it is all sanded and it came out pretty good. The only thing I wish I had done was save a piece of wood that I sawed off close to this area so grain would match better.



If you didn't know what to look for, the plug blends in pretty good. As long as the plug doesn't come out then I'm in good shape.



It's time to remove some of the deep router marks that were caused by the wood being warped. This was quick and easy so it was no big deal. Now it's time to glue the sandwich together which means we're getting closer.



Gluing and Sanding


I used some of my parallels to help distribute the clamp load (black pieces) and they worked out great. Under the other clamps I used aluminum shims that were 1/8" thick.



While I clamped the sandwich together, I wiped away as much glue as I could but it seems like you never get it all. Now it's time to rough sand this piece again.



And to do that I'll be using my milling machine and sanding drum like I did before.



One thing I didn't expect after the glue dried was this area. The walnut is raised above the maple by a very small amount. Now I didn't expect this to happen but I think the maple may have shrunk a little before gluing. Whatever the case, I'll need to re-machine this area on two of them and also on one of the feet of third one. No big deal, just extra time.



I experienced the same thing while sanding the periphery, the walnut was sticking out from the maple just about everywhere. This again took more time but the end results looked good. If you look close you can see the sanding drum has a white line going around it. This is glue that it picked up and wouldn't come off. I used the drum as long as I could before switching it because I didn't have very many.


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