33 Coupe Last Details 1        4/03/04

What I'm getting ready to do is mount my catch can or over-flow container to my radiator. The container will be attached to the side of the radiator with a bracket that I'm going to make. The NHRA rule book states "all cars in competition with any type of water overflow capable of spilling water must have a catch can to accumulate the excess liquids and prevent leaking onto the track. Minimum catch can capacity: 1 pint. Catch can must be securely fastened; bolted or clamped". Notice the key-holes that are already cut into the side here. None of them are in the right place so I'm going to have to make two new ones. I'll need to drill two holes in the side about where the white sticker is. Now this side panel is really "two side panels" side-by-side. On the other side of these panels are the "wavy" stuff that is between the tubes that have water in them. The distance between the second panel and first tube is 3/8" of an inch so I'll have to be careful when it's time to drill through.



Here is the over-flow container that I'm going to use which is made by CSI. I sure do like the color of it. It has three fittings in it but I'm going to change them.



This is the bottom which has a drain and a place for the hot coolant to enter the container. The inside of this container is hollow which means a line would have to travel back up to the over-flow tube coming from the radiator. Or a couple of fittings could be used in place of the bent tubing at the bottom and then run to the radiator.



This is the top which has a fitting for the over-flow hose to run back down towards the ground. I plan to modify the way this container is to be used.


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