33 Coupe Engine Install 1       8/23/03

The time has come to install the engine...woohoo!! Yeah, I've been waiting for a long time to get to this moment so let's get started. One of the things I couldn't do while the engine was on the stand was install the flex-plate. Out came the hoist and chain to lift the engine while I bolted this on.



The flex-plate gets held on with some ARP bolts and like all the other fasteners, a small amount of assembly lube. The lube helps reduce the amount of friction applied to the bolt while being torqued. 



The size of the bolts are 7/16-20 so the torque wrench gets set to 65 pounds before I start. Notice the bolt going through the flex-plate up against the piece of metal. This was to keep things from spinning while I had a hand full of torque wrench. Working alone makes you think up things like this. Now that the flex-plate is on, lets get the door open and grab the transmission on the way. 



I was afraid that the engine was going to sit to low to the ground and not line up with the transmission (the oil pan sits lower than normal because it holds 7 quarts instead of 5), but because the trans was sitting on the wheel dollies, things worked out fine. The torque converter was installed before the trans was bolted up. Bowtie gave me some converter bolts but they were the wrong size (again...no surprise here). The converter has 7/16" threads and the bolts were 3/8". It's a good thing I checked them before I put the engine in because one of the converter holes (there's three of them) had a burr in the threads and I had to break out a tap and clean them out. There's not enough room to do this while everything is bolted up so I'm glad I checked it.


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