The Garage Project 9            January 2008

The south wall has seen a little bit of a makeover too. The pegboard continues from the west wall over the workbench and around the window. I've placed most of the same tools back in their original location because it worked for me then, so it should serve me well now. Notice at the top a few deer racks that I've shot over the years too.



I removed the shelf from under the workbench and replaced it with two chests of drawers. I had one chest already and like I said earlier, I liked it so much that I had to have another (I bought one more of each storage device that I already had). Now I can get to just about anything without it being an eye sore anymore. I also added some diamond plate to a couple places on the bench to dress it up a little.



Another present were these two stools that I got for Fathers Day, which goes nicely with the rest of the garage now.



As you can see, I trimmed out the door with some remaining diamond plate and next to that is the second of my wall mounted cabinets. It stores all my car detail stuff and a few other things. Notice the new air line that resides at the end of my workbench now. I should have done that a long time ago because I use it all the time.



This last section is the east wall (which really isn't much of a wall at all) and has a couple of new things too. I had some left over shelving so I bought a few more brackets and now have some matching shelves over here too. I hung the tools that I use most often on a wooden rack and I also cut the bottom shelf down so it only holds two plastic containers in place of three.


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