The Garage Project 10            January 2008

Above the roll-up door was an area of unused space so I added some shelving to this spot. All of the items that you see up there are very light weight and there is a good reason for that, because my car is only a few feet below it. Notice that I used a support bracket every 16" so it should stay in least I hope it does.

That pretty much finishes off the garage and the only thing that I didn't do (and really should have) was the floor. I thought about painting it, but I had nowhere to put the car while the paint dried. The whole paint process (epoxy) was going to take anywhere from 3 to 4 days and leaving my car outside for that long just wasn't going to happen. I also thought about buying some plastic tiles that snap together but the price of those things are very expensive. I still would like to do something to dress up the floor soon because it really needs it and it just doesn't look finished the way it is either. If I can find a safe place to take the car for a few days, I'll let you know but in the mean time, this concludes the garage makeover.

Oh, I almost forgot, the gas pump is still very much in my future plans to work on so be on the lookout for that on the home page.


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