The Garage Project 6            January 2008

I made a dolly so it would be easier to move the pump around, which I made it out of 1/8" thick steel and the design is kinda like how a "creeper" is made. I also used four swivel casters which makes it very easy to move in any direction now. This will make life much easier getting it from one side of the garage to the other because of all the construction. Once it's painted, I'll remove the dolly and put it in a permanent spot.

Now that the wheels are in motion on the gas pump project, let's get back to the garage makeover.



Here is what the garage looks like after a few weeks of work. Let's go through each section of the garage so I can tell you a little more about it.



As you can see, there are three different colors on the walls now. I don't know why I picked these exact colors but when looking at some paint chips, I thought they would go good together. The top is an off white, the bottom is light gray with a bright red racing stripe separating the two.

The shelves that you see are like the ones I put in our closet a year ago (which is where I got the idea to use them from) and they worked out great. The shelves are made out of steel coated with some kind of plastic or vinyl. One of the things I added to the shelves were some new funnels. These funnels have tops and bottoms that screw on, which helps keep dirt and bugs out of them. I also plan to buy some 1 gallon containers (that will replace my old ones) which will hold gas, solvent, thinner, etc. And the new ones will be painted to match the rest of the garage.

I also bought a sheet of polished diamond plate that measured 1/8" X 48" X 120". I had it sheared to a few specific sizes and placed it throughout the garage. Notice the molding at the bottom of the walls. I didn't use the whole sheet so with some of the unused pieces, I made a few other things.

If you look under the window, you'll see a unit I made out of diamond plate that has a screw on plastic container underneath it. This is what I call a "funnel rack". Lets say you used the funnel for adding some oil to your engine and once you were finished, now you're ready to put things away. All I have to do is put the dirty funnel into my handy little rack and let it sit. The remaining liquid in the funnel can now drain into that container over night and then be put away nice and dry in the next day or two. It only took a few minutes to make and works great.

One of the things I've never had before (and have always wanted) was an air hose reel. I figured that this would be a good time to get one, along with an electric cord reel too. I can't believe how handy they are now that I've used it and wonder how I ever got along it without it.



The hose reel was much heavier than I thought it would be, which meant I needed to come up with a way to fasten it to the wall. What I did was make a square frame out of 1/4" X 2" steel by welding four pieces together. I drilled four 5/16" holes in the frame, 16" apart and then lagged that to the studs. Once the frame was secure, I could bolt the hose and cord reel to the frame. I made a cover out of diamond plate which hides the steel frame and it adds a nice touch to the wall.

The cabinet that you see here is new too. I already had one of them but once I had used the other for the past year, I liked it so much I just had to buy another. On the side of it, I made a welding rod rack out of steel conduit that I had sitting around. I welded on a bottom and another piece near the top which keeps everything together. The black plastic container on the ground is temporally holding all the parts to my gas pump.

The electrical box that has four outlets now use to only have two. I figure that you can't have to many plugs in a garage so why not. The black outlet right below that is where I plug in my TIG welder which is 240 volts. And if you notice the flex conduit coming out of the left side, this one feeds my air compressor. Next to the electrical box is another new addition, air lines. I now have 1/2" copper air lines to different parts of the garage. And as you can see, I have one line feeding my hose reel, another right above it that is regulated and a third above that one that is unregulated.


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