33 Coupe Having Fun 1        2/16/06

My wife and I went for a little cruise this weekend over to a neighboring town. There's a Bobs Big Boy a few miles from my house and they were having a car show  that day so we decided to go and check it out. Gary and Debbie were going to be there too so this would be a day that I was dreaming about for a long time. What I mean is, I've been to a bunch of car shows in my life, but not with my own car. What I've been wanting is for the four of us to be at the same car show with our cars parked next to each other. Well it finally happened and we had a great time.

It sure felt good to pull up into the area that all the other show cars were so I could be one of those guys. There were about 75 to 90 cars there so it was a good turn out. 

You can see Gary and Debbie's 1937 Ford Fastback in front of me and my old 1971 Camaro to my right. Gary and I had to park in the middle because there wasn't any more parking spaces left once we arrived. 



The guy to my right, Larry, is the owner of my old Camaro. He's a good guy and he doesn't miss to many car shows. He's won just about every award there is to win with his car and if you ever want to know were the next car show is at, see Larry because he'll know.



Here's a better look at Larry's car. He sure does keep it nice. Now this was my first car that I ever had. I bought it in 1976 and there wasn't a straight panel on it when I drove it home. Gary showed me how to do body work back then and we painted it in my garage. I sold it to Gary in 1999 and then he sold it to Larry a couple of years later. Larry has since repainted it and had some pinstripe flames put on it which looks fantastic. The color that you see is very close to what I had back then.



That's me signing up for the car show for the first time in my life. It was a nice day and there were some really nice cars there.


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