USS Midway  2            7-2014

This pod contains a 25 man life raft along with lots of supplies and equipment inside.



Here you can see containers of food, water and other items.






Here is the flight deck or as the crewmen would call it, the roof. The flight deck is 3 1/2" thick of armor plate, is over 4 acres in size, 55 feet above the water and is made up of 190,000 pieces.



This is the rear of the ship and those nets would be your best friend if you were to fall.



Here is an F-14 Tomcat (the movie Top Gun) which is dated now but is still one bad ass aircraft.



Notice the wings are not extended, which makes for more room and is how most aircraft are made that are on aircraft carriers.



Here is an F-18 Hornet, which is easy to spot with the two angled verticals compared to the F-14 or F-15 that are both straight up and down.



Every aircraft or important item on the Midway has a sign telling you about it, but it gets better. The colored numbers are for your self guided audio system if you want to know even more. All you do is type in the number and you can here all about it and sometimes by the person who flew it or had something to do with it. Very cool.



An F-4 Wildcat which began service with both the United States Navy and the British Royal Navy in 1940.


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