Something new and something old          Page 8         October 2012  

Pictures from the Early 1900's

This is an intriguing picture of Prospector and dog ready for the summer trail.
It was taken between 1900 and 1930.



Horse team on the Overland Trail: This picture was taken between 1900 and 1927.



Two Girls Waffle House: This picture was taken between 1900 and 1916.



Yukon Gold Company Dawson: This is a picture of 23 men posed outside Yukon Gold Co. Dawson, 1914.



Kodiak Alaska: This was taken between 1900 and 1923.



Nome Alaska July 4th parade on Front Street: You are looking at an artistic picture of July 4th parade on Front Street in Nome Alaska. This was taken in 1916.



Pancho Villa on Horseback: Josoroteo Arango Arula (5 June 1878 - 20 July 1923), better known by his pseudonym Francisco Villa or its hypocorism Pancho Villa, he was one of the most prominent Mexican Revolutionary generals.



New York City Fire Department: You are looking at picture of Firemen posed on a fire engine in New York City. It was taken between 1908 and 1916.



Titanic Survivors: Here's a stunning image of Titanic survivors on way to a rescue ship Carpathia. It was taken in 1912.



Shoe Shine: This is a photo of Peddlers Shoe Shine Sept. 13, 1911


Teddy Roosevelt Speaking: This is an image of Teddy Roosevelt giving a fiery speech.


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