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WWII Aircraft Assembly

May 1942 Langley Field, Virginia. B-17 bombardment squadron.



October 1942. Testing electric wiring at Douglas Aircraft Company. Long Beach, California.



October 1942. Engine installers at Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach, California.



October 1942. Experimental staff at the North American aviation plant in Inglewood, Calif. Observing wind tunnel tests on a model of the B-25 ("Billy Mitchell") bomber.



April 1943. School children in San Augustine County, Texas.



February 1943. Working on the horizontal stabilizer of a "Vengeance" dive bomber at the Consolidated-Vultee plant in Nashville.



 October 1942. Long Beach, California. Annette del Sur publicizing salvage campaign in yard of Douglas Aircraft Company.



October 1942. Workers installing fixtures and assemblies in the tail section of a B-17F bomber at the Douglas Aircraft Company plant in Long Beach, California.



October 1942. Lieutenant Mike Hunter, Army test pilot assigned to Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, California.



October 1942. Inglewood, California. North American aviation drill operator in the control surface department assembling horizontal stabilizer section of an airplane.


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