Christmas Gifts                     2014

Here is the medium size board which will go to Stef and Lenny. I really had to take my time while machining these inlays because of how fragile they were. One wrong move here or to deep of a cut there might have caused this wood to chip or crack. And after all the work I've done this far, that would have me saying words I really don't like using.

The species of wood here are black walnut, oak, curly maple, mahogany and purple heart for the inlays.



If I had to do it all over again, I don't think I'd use mahogany because it to has an open grain and is hard to machine. Other than that,  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.



I couldn't have done this inlay without the use of a CNC machine because of how complex the shape is. I am truly grateful for being able to use my works machines when I want to.



Some cool looking end grain.



This is the smaller cutting board that I really didn't have planned at first but I had enough leftover scraps to make it. This will be going to Matt and Angela to complement the bigger cutting board because you don't always need a large one. The species of wood here are black walnut, mahogany, maple and zebra. The reason I didn't use zebra wood in the other boards is because the piece I had laying around was only one foot long and was the main reason for making this smaller board in the first place.



This smaller board sure has some nice looking black walnut.



This shot makes this board look huge but it's really just a close-up to show you the nice looking end grain.



Here's a look at the smaller feet which had a flat washer built in them. These were used on the medium and small boards.



Now that I'm finished with these gifts, it has given me an idea for another project that I could do in the future. I guess playing with your wood can be a good thing  :-]


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