Wooden Table 4            11-2013

I covered the floor with a tarp and then leveled the table in both directions so the glaze wouldn't just run to one side. This method should work out pretty good for the top as the glaze is self leveling while wet and the foam brush can be dabbed into all the smaller nooks and crannies for the sides.



Here it is all finished which took two coats. The first coat had areas that soaked into the wood and didn't have the look I wanted so I waited a couple of days and put a second coat on. To make sure there were no air bubbles I used my propane torch and quickly ran it across the wet surface which brings all the bubbles to the top.



I applied two coats to the legs (in the vertical position) and also note the washers at the end which worked out great to aid in removal because once the glaze dried the clear coat had bonded the 2 X 4 and legs together in a few spots. I cut through the glaze with a hacksaw blade to separate the two and then dressed up the ends with a file.



The sides got two coats as well and turned out pretty good.



Here is the other end which shows the cool looking grain of the wood.



This is the area that was home to some carpenter ants along with the cracks that I put screws into.



The wood grain sure does look good and the knot stayed in place.



It's hard to show the nice gloss finish that I ended up with as the pictures don't do it justice. I'm happy with how it turned out and it should give us many years of good use.




The table fits in very nicely with the rest of our furniture but wasn't planned this way when I first started this project. I didn't expect to keep it once I was finished but my wife liked it so much she didn't want to give it away so we found a spot in our living room for it.

I'd like to do another project like this someday and may go ask my neighbor if he's willing to give it up another piece. Maybe if I show him a picture of the this one he might just let it go for cheep! Either way I had fun working on it and would like to do another in the near future.


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